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For Posterity

On the SCA Facebook, someone asked about whether or not people in various kingdoms maintain a vigil wishlist. A few people said yes, one person said that it was considered presumptuous in their kingdom, and would reflect poorly on a candidate.


My response was well received, and I wanted to keep it somewhere I could actually find it, rather than allow it to get buried in Facebook for all time.


My father has all of his dependents write an “Open in Case of Peerage” letter. I have written one as well, and he, my fiance, and my knight have copies. His theory is that this is one of the biggest events in one’s sca life, if and when it happens, and it should turn out the way you want it to. It is not presumptuous to know what you want if something should happen, it is presumptuous to assume something will happen.


That is what I posted on Facebook. Of course, I always have more to say.


I think that it is an important distinction. People are entitled to get what they want out of a peerage ceremony. It’s not presumptuous to know what you want. I have heard too many people say, “Well, it was great to get my laurel, by I really wish I hadn’t been surprised like that” or “I would have chosen _______ to speak for me instead” This is the one time that the kingdom stops and recognizes a career in the SCA, and you deserve to be recognized the way you want to be. So yes, I have an in-case-of-peerage letter. And you should too, even if you think that you will never get there. Because your friends could always surprise you.


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Hello world!

In keeping up with my new role as a contributor to the EK Gazette, I decided that I need an SCA Blog. My super old SCA website I have forgotten the login details to can be found here. Eventually, the content there will become posts here. I anticipate that this blog will be a combination of event reports, garb projects, and research wrangling. I also plan to finish my series of classes on how to retain, how to be a head lady in waiting without going (completely) crazy, and how to welcome youth into our society.


I am opinionated, especially about the role of the young in our society. I think I have the credentials to have an opinion: I was 7 at my first Pennsic, I think. I was part of the Youth Combat Program from its inception, was a student at Pages’ School when it existed, and spent many an event in the kitchen or helping at the MoL table, as there were no youth activities.


So yes, you might see some opinions here. They are mine, and only mine.


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