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The Order of the Tyger’s Cub

At Endewearde Hunt last weekend, a Tyger’s Cub was made. Three, actually. In the court report that Mistress Brita posted to the East Kingdom Gazette, it was noted that one the members of the order who welcomed the new members had received his Tyger’s Cub 20 years ago.

That made me go check the OP.

I received my Tyger’s Cub at Panteria, on May 25, 1998. It was given to me by Timothy and Gabrielle, who, funnily enough, almost won crown in Aethelmearc this past weekend.

I was 11 when I received the award, which makes it now older than I was when I got it.

This past summer, at Great Northeastern War, the average age of the members of the Order was 17. I was proud to stand next to my companions, ranging in age from 25 to 7.

I think it is incredibly important for those of us who have grown up in the SCA and received that honor, and gone on to continue our careers look back and recognize those who are on that same path. I make a point of always rising and joining the Order when called, even when others my age felt it was “time for us to be grown-ups” I am a grown-up. And because of that, I am a role model to those younger than me.

It is important to recognize the service that has gotten them recognition, and also to show them the company they are in. Of the Tyger’s Cubs I’ve known personally, I can think of two Barons, a Baroness (besides myself), multiple members of the Queen’s Order of courtesy, a Duchess, a member of the Order of the Tyger’s Combattant, more than one member of the Order of the Sagitarius, two young men who died while in service to their country, fencers, fighters, and archers. Throughout the kingdom, members of the Order of the Tyger’s Cub continue to do service, to participate, and to make our society a better place.

It is important to show our youngest members what we expect from them, and how much we believe that they are an integral part of our society.


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For Posterity

On the SCA Facebook, someone asked about whether or not people in various kingdoms maintain a vigil wishlist. A few people said yes, one person said that it was considered presumptuous in their kingdom, and would reflect poorly on a candidate.


My response was well received, and I wanted to keep it somewhere I could actually find it, rather than allow it to get buried in Facebook for all time.


My father has all of his dependents write an “Open in Case of Peerage” letter. I have written one as well, and he, my fiance, and my knight have copies. His theory is that this is one of the biggest events in one’s sca life, if and when it happens, and it should turn out the way you want it to. It is not presumptuous to know what you want if something should happen, it is presumptuous to assume something will happen.


That is what I posted on Facebook. Of course, I always have more to say.


I think that it is an important distinction. People are entitled to get what they want out of a peerage ceremony. It’s not presumptuous to know what you want. I have heard too many people say, “Well, it was great to get my laurel, by I really wish I hadn’t been surprised like that” or “I would have chosen _______ to speak for me instead” This is the one time that the kingdom stops and recognizes a career in the SCA, and you deserve to be recognized the way you want to be. So yes, I have an in-case-of-peerage letter. And you should too, even if you think that you will never get there. Because your friends could always surprise you.


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