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To Do List – Reading

On Sunday, I posted a link to the Met’s Publication website, where they are making out-of-print publications available online. I scoured through what they had available, and boy am I excited. I mean, it is going to take forever to get through them all, but there are a ton that I am interested in, both from a persona development standpoint, and a general interest standpoint.

What follows is a list of links to the books I am most interested in. Collecting them in one place will let me easily plow through them. This post will also allow me to link to any reviews, citations, or other posts I write about any of these books, so that it is easy for me to put together bibliographies in the future, and you can see which ones I’ve read, and what I have found.

I am quite excited that most of these can be downloaded in pdf format, and therefore put on my kindle. I spend two hours on the MBTA every day commuting, so things are more likely to get read if they are in a format that is easily available to me.

Tapestry in the Renaissance

A Walk Through the Cloisters

The Saint Martin Embroideries

The Armored Horse in Europe

Tres Riches Hours

The Art of Renaissance Europe

The Cloisters Apocalypse

David and Bathsheba: Early 16th Century Tapestries

European Helmets

15th to 18th Century Drawings

Frankish Art in American Collections

The God of War

Man and the Horse

Masterpieces of Tapestry from the 14th to 16th Century

Medieval Art: A Resource for Educators

Medieval Art from Private Collections

Metropolitan Jewelry

The Met Vol 6: Europe in the Age of Monarchy


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The Metropolitan Museum of Art – MetPublications

The Met has published online some of their best collections of art, many of which are medieval. This includes such favorites of mine as the Tres Riches Hours de Berry, which has fantastic 14th century costuming and life illuminations.

I am about to dive in and see what I can find to help me with my current project as well as just for fun, but I thought I would stop to share with all of you, first.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – MetPublications.

Edited to add a link to the list of books with full publication online.

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