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Map of Lyon

This is a little late for Leonete, but it is a jumping off point.



Digitation source:
Braun and Hogenberg
Civitates Orbis Terrarum I 10
first Latin edition of volume I
was published in 1572
Engraving: admitted to
Balthasar van den Bosch, 1550


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Timeline of the Lyon Region Circa 15th Century

Lyon Cathedral

43 BC: Lugdunum founded at the hilly junction of the Rhône and Saône rivers. It quickly became the capital of the Gauls.

1312: Philip the Fair annexed the city to the Kingdom of France.

1450s: Lyon had spread to 36 districts, each with its own trade.

1453: Hundred Years’ War Ends. English expelled from France.

1461–83: Four annual fairs established, drawing merchants from all over Europe, especially Italy. This caused Lyon to become a major center trades including spices and silk.

1472: First printing establishment set up in Lyon. Lyon quickly became a printing center of Europe.

1476: Lyon Cathedral finished.

Late 1400s Francois I gave Lyon silk-weaving privileges, which until this point, had been reserved to Italy.

1494: Charles VIII (r. 1483–98) invades Italy in an attempt to conquer the kingdom of Naples. He succeeds, but is quickly pushed back.


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Persona Development Project

There has been quite a bit of talk recently about what each of us can do to be more authentic to our personas. This can range from making sure one’s head is covered to knowing the language and skills of one’s persona. I chose my persona because I liked the name and I liked wearing cotehardies, but I would like to expand my interests and research the time period and place in greater depth.


So I am embarking on a project to develop my persona in greater detail.

Over the next few months, I plan to research Lyon in the 1480s, the events of the region, the places Leonete would have visited, and the items that would have been available to her.

I also would like to develop a list of skills she would have had, and have a better understanding of what she would have spent her time doing.

I’d like to learn a little bit of French, and some Latin as appropriate.

I would like to develop a better wardrobe, with 2-3 completely authentic 1480s outfits.

One of the purposes this blog will serve will be the documentation of this project and a repository for links and photos. I welcome any input, starting links, or other help that those who have researched this time period might give me.

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